Why are there still Christians?

Why are there still Christians?



Do you get uncomfortable when you see Christians preaching outside? Do you feel embarrassed when someone wants to talk to you about Jesus Christ? Maybe a thought has crossed your mind “these people were probably brainwashed as children, after 2000 years they are still believing the fairytale written by ancient shepherds in the middle-east.” Many of us thought about Christians like that until we were converted ourselves.

Still, sometimes we Christians are tempted to stay inside our church and keep our faith to ourselves to avoid being the object of these kinds of thoughts. No one likes to be thought of as an uneducated fool. So why are we still outside reaching people with the message of the Bible?

Because the message of the Bible is the greatest news there is, and we are certain of its truthfulness. In the beginning, God created the world. He ordered the Universe so that everything was fine-tuned to make life possible here on Earth. He created man and woman in His own image to reflect Himself as designers, rulers, superiors, protectors to the rest of creation. This was good until through man sin (disobedience to God’s commandments) came into the world. Man and woman brought suffering into the world. This was not a surprise to God, but a part of His plan to show all of His attributes of grace in the salvation of these fallen sinners, as well as His justice in the condemnation of the wicked who love their sin.

When man fell into sin, God immediately revealed to them His plan of salvation. Out of the human race would be born a Savior, who would restore all things. All of the Old Testament is filled with prophecies about this man, every book in some way anticipating and yearning for His coming.

2000 years ago the prophecies were fulfilled as God Himself became a Man, the Second person of the God-head was born of a virgin, without a sin nature, to live a perfect life of obedience to God’s law that no one else was able to do. He gave His life voluntarily on a Roman cross, as He was crucified by His enemies. There, on the cross, God the Father poured His wrath against sinful men upon His only Son. On the third day, He rose from the dead, God’s justice having been satisfied. Before going back to the Father, Jesus told His disciples to preach the good news to every creature. Why? Because Jesus had done this salvation work only for those who believe on Him, who humble themselves and acknowledge their need of a Savior. By believing in Jesus Christ as your Savior, who lived the life you could not live, and who suffered the penalty for your sins in your behalf, you will be saved. Understand, that you can’t earn salvation. That you deserve Hell. Only Jesus can save you and only His merits on your behalf will be accepted by God.

This is the greatest news because outside of this news there is no salvation to us. All other messages of life after death, the ways of salvation etc. are lies and demonstrably so. The message of the Bible, however, is a revelation from God, revelation, that doesn’t justify sinful life but also offers us immediate, eternal grace and forgiveness. It doesn’t give free reign to our lusts but gives us the power to do what is right. It doesn’t make God anything less than absolutely Holy and Just but has in Jesus Christ also brought mercy and salvation to all believers. It humbles man and glorifies God. It condemns us all but provides salvation for all those willing to believe. We are absolutely convinced of its truthfulness.

According to the Bible, our problem is not a lack of evidence but the problem is moral. We hate God and love our sin.: “For the mind that is set on the flesh (sinful desires using our ears, eyes, and body) is hostile to God, for it does not submit to God’s law; indeed, it cannot.” (Romans 8:7). The Bible explains why most reject this message as foolishness, giving us a coherent worldview in which everything makes sense. As you know, to be absolutely certain about anything, we would have to know everything (impossible), or we must have revelation from someone who does (God), and this we have in the Scriptures of the Old and New Testament. Apart from this revelation, there is no objective evil or good, no purpose to your life, and no foundation for knowing anything at all. But we don’t live like that. We are created in the image of God, and we can’t escape it, no matter how hard we try.

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